Hello, I am Vanu and I am a researcher in complimentary therapies and a senior lecturer in nutritional medicine. I have a passion for ayurveda, complimentary therapies, nutrition, herbs, spices, traditional plants and traditional cooking. I was born in a small town and had always seen my parents and grand parents using ayurvedic remedies for most of the ailments. I have been trying to learn more on ayurvedic philosophies and maintenance of health by balancing diet and lifestyle. I have spent fourteen years in exploring the traditional plants for their health benefits. Traditional medicinal plants have been used since ancient times for various remedies and now scientific research proved their potential health advantages. Therefore, I am curious to explore the role of traditional cultures, traditional foods, traditional recipes on health.

My students are my inspiration and have always inspired me to start this platform of sharing my knowledge and culture with you all, hence this is a small step to link the age-old traditions with modern research.  I would be talking about the small changes we can incorporate in our daily life for the betterment of our health.