Dr. Vandana Gulati

This is a platform to be connected to you all and sharing knowledge of healthy food, life style and traditional cultures, be it a traditional medicine, traditional food culture or traditional life styles which had some meaning in our life. Please do share with us if you are aware of your cultural diet or lifestyle benefits to health.

I am a very traditional person and I belong to a small town near New Delhi, India. I have always been keen to learn and explore more on traditions and cultures. I have always found that the traditions did have some meaning in maintenance of our health. I have done my bachelors in pharmacy in modern medicines and master in pharmacy in Ayurveda and pharmacognosy (a branch of medicine using plants) therefore have a dual knowledge of modern as well as complimentary system of medicines. I worked in pharmaceutical research in drug discovery from plant sources, herbal formulation development, quality control and standardization of herbal extracts, isolation and purification of chemical constituents from plant extracts.

My PhD was “Investigation of Aboriginal Australian and Indian Ayurvedic plants for the management of type 2 diabetes”. After my PhD, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Swinburne University of Technology.

I have been very passionate for herbal and nutritional therapies and always wanted to explore the Ayurvedic philosophies in management of diseases mainly the metabolic and neurological disorders.

I am a senior lecturer at University of New England in Biomedical Sciences. Previously, I worked as a Senior lecturer in Nutritional Medicine and taught for courses of Clinical Nutrition and Naturopathy.

I have more than twelve years experience in tertiary education in Australia and due to my multidisciplinary qualifications, I have been teaching Bachelors and Masters students in various disciplines such as Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathy, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology and Nursing.

Subject expertise are Nutritional Biochemistry, Foundations of Human Nutrition, Nutritional Physiology Research, Pharmacology, Integrated Pharmacology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Patho-physiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Water Science, Food Science and Microbiology. I have supervised various research project students.

I have published various book chapters, review papers and research papers. I am an editorial board member and reviewer of various peer reviewed journals in the field of nutritional medicine, complimentary therapies, medicinal plants, herbal pharmacology, food technology, microbiology and phytochemistry.