Meet Little Chef: Miss Ryka Pankaj

Please meet this, ‘Miss Little Chef Ryka’ who loves to understand why we eat the way we eat? She loves to cook food and to explore the nutrient benefits of foods.

From an incredibly young age i.e. when she was just 3.5 years old, I started involving her in cooking activities such as kneading the dough, making sandwich fillings, rolling out a dough ball to make roti (flat bread), making laddoos (balls), pouring of idli batter in the idli moulds, all these used to be the fun activities for her, but at the same time, she started loving the art of cooking so much and then as she was growing old, she became more independent and now she is turned out to be a ‘little miss chef’, that’s how all our friends and family members call her.

Ryka and I cook together in our kitchen, we spend so much of time together and this created a lovely bond between both of us. This joy for a mother cannot be explained in words.

She is in deep love with foods and traditions and as a mother, I feel immensely proud of her.

If you are interested in some traditional recipes, please visit Miss Little Chef Ryka!